GoFit Team Feature – Nad Myan, Director of Growth & Innovation, Evolution Wellness

9 Jun 2021

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Want to know more about the people and the thinking behind GoFit? Discover what Nad Myan, Director of Growth & Innovation of Evolution Wellness (EW) has to say. From leadership to how to make a budget gym successful and more, his answers will give you some perspective on how GoFit is managed and the personalities behind that drive this game-changing player in the gym category.


When asked about Nad Myan’s leadership style in EW?

“Simply put, I adopt a servant leadership approach above any other. My role is to support those who report to me, my peers and those I report to. Growth and Innovation require ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and a dynamic approach to opportunities that require a nimble team with a broad range of skills and experiences. Tapping into that is key to the success of the initiatives we develop and our opportunity to grow in new ways.”


At GoFit, we aim to offer incredible value for money for both our members and licensed partners. To give you valuable information on budget gym success, Nad Myan shares the three key elements to building a successful budget gym.

“Location. Rent. Simplicity.

Location. Our entire industry has been fully aware of the necessity to select the right location to open a fitness facility. Demographic profile, ease of access, parking, proximity to public transport, competition and exposure are all central components to the choice of space. For budget gyms in particular, careful consideration must be given to parking and public transport given the need to achieve the volumes necessary when selling memberships at a lower price.

Rent. Budget gyms work in larger spaces with low rent costs in order to achieve realistic breakeven membership numbers given that membership prices are frequently only 25% of the cost of mid-market gyms.

Simplicity. New fitness customers that are presented with an easy way to join feel less intimidated and frequent gym-goers just want to get access to great equipment at their convenience for a reasonable price. Membership options should therefore be very simple and never more than 3 or 4 different options

Technology also provides budget brands with the opportunity to develop seamless access and upgraded experiences and other member touch points that does not require manpower. In fact, with the application of the right tools, a good budget brand can operate with just one member of staff.”


Now, a couple of personal questions. We asked him about his favourite personal workout.

“I’m a gym rat. So anything that involves lifting weights works for me!”


No interview is complete without asking this question: What motivates you?

“Any challenge! I have been in the industry for a long time with roles in every corner of the world and that has afforded me the opportunity to benefit from a wide range of experiences to experience a wide range of experiences and challenges. Bringing those skills and knowledge to an organisation as diverse and dynamic as EW enables innovation, growth and ability to evolve.”


Nad Myan is one of the many personalities behind the success of fitness brands under Evolution Wellness. With his expertise and valuable experience in the fitness business, you know you’re in good hands when you become a GoFit licensed partner. Discover more GoFit licensing opportunity at https://www.gofit-gym.com/en/licensing/