Gym-goers eager to get back to gym, non-gym-goers looking to engage in more fitness activities

2 Aug 2021

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Vaccine uptakes are rising gradually around the world and people are now beginning to embrace the new ‘normal’. That includes avid gym-goers. A market research conducted by Kantar Group from over 4,000 respondents across Asia, commissioned by our parent company Evolution Wellness, have shown that many are now more eager than ever to get back to the gym.

Based on the research, about 50% of respondents have been working out on their own during lockdown. Suffice to say, achieving fitness goals and maintaining fitness levels remain steadfast despite lockdowns. In addition, respondents are looking to maintain overall well-being. Diet and nutrition were some of the concerns they were looking into.


Workout satisfaction matters

Not surprisingly, the level of satisfaction decreased during the lockdown as gym goers started working out at home. They still prefer working out in a gym not just for the experience but for social connection as well. Motivation, amenities and atmosphere, they all play crucial roles in boosting satisfaction.

At GoFit, we strive to give members the fitness experience they desire. From cardio to strength, our workout zones are specially curated with state-of the-art equipment to give every member a good and satisfying workout.


Eager to get back safely

47% of gym-goers want to go back to the gym immediately after the lockdown rules ease. Data also show that non-gym-goers intend to engage in more fitness activities when lockdown eases. Though there will still be concerns on safety, rest assured that GoFit gyms are thoroughly and regularly sanitised according to strict health & safety regulations. We uphold the highest of standards when it comes to maintaining SOPs. Our priority is to give our members peace-of-mind and more satisfied workouts.


Leaning towards affordable membership plans

Leaning towards affordable membership plans
On the discretionary spend front, many are thinking about keeping it lean. At least 50% of respondents would prefer a more affordable gym membership. Being in a high-value, low-price fitness category, GoFit has the edge when it comes to affordability and quality. members. We are well-equipped with high quality and state-of-the-art fitness equipment. We have with a wide range of cardio, strength, circuit and Olympic-standard weightlifting equipment that cater to all levels of gym-goers.


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