How to acquire new members during Ramadan

26 Mar 2021

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With GoFit’s flagship club located in Malaysia, a country where Muslims represent more than half of the population, we’ve come to know a few things about acquiring members, particularly during Ramadan. At a time where physical activity is not top-of-mind for Muslim consumers, there are ways-in to communicate that can potentially yield results. It’s not so much about what you say but how you say it.


Share your care during Ramadan

Showing that you care about your members’ needs during this holy month for Muslims, matters more than you think. As a gym brand, there are many ways to do so. You could share tips and tricks on how to exercise safely for fasting Muslims. Another way could be to turn their pain points into satisfying ones. GoFit features Ramadan-safe exercises in bite-sized videos on social media for all its members to feel inspired. Always utilise your gym space when you demonstrate these exercises so that you get to showcase your gym and convenient facilities. A brand that shares its care always wins.


Complement your messages with fasting month considerations

Go where Muslims go digitally during Ramadan. Complement their information search with fitness tips. Get targeted and always couple fitness tips with their micro-moments – needs or wants. They could be searching about energy management topics and this is where fitness-based tips can come in, i.e. Foods to eat for sahur for sustained energy or how to prepare the mind for exercise during Ramadan. When you know how to leverage search spikes, you can go in where it serves them the most and offer your fitness solution.


Be agile in your messaging

Mold your messages appropriately to fit the occasion. Messages such as “Spiritual health is as important as physical health. Stay active even during Ramadan.” retain your active tone and address the occasion. Many purchase decisions are made during this time. Brands that can be agile enough to speak to the Muslim consumer’s heart will make the sale.


Thanks to our flagship club in Malaysia that is serving a number of Muslim members, we understand the market. Become a GoFit licensed partner and gain unparalleled business support from our experienced sales training team.

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