How to cut through the noise with your marketing strategy?

5 Apr 2021

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The average person sees around 4,000 – 10,000 ads a day. As a business owner, your job is to ensure that your ads don’t drown in the sea of sameness. How you say, what you want to say and where you say it matters a lot. Here are a few pointers to look out for:


Speak to your target audience’s needs and challenges

Zero in and get sharp with your messages. Throughout the year, there will be different periods of time that drive purchase decisions. Your focus is to identify them then couple it with your target audience’s needs or challenges in your ad messaging. Relevance is key. For example, in the new normal, many recognise the need for social distancing GoFit is then the solution because it’s the perfect gym space equipped with a private training zone, ladies-only zone, virtual group exercise classes and more. Respond to the moment and showcase your solution. This will help you stand out better.


Sell emotions, not just your services

Emotions empower. Constantly talking about how great your brand or product is will not resonate well. Determine what you want to say to empower your audience. For starters, you can always speak to their aspirations. This will elevate their emotions. Consider this: you’re not just selling a gym with excellent equipment, you’re selling a convenient solution for people to lead healthy lifestyles. Speak about how a good workout invigorates, how it makes you feel alive, energised and brings many more positive feelings. Make your audience feel good. Empowering, emotional messages are your points of differentiation.


Identify what resonates better

In the digital marketing age, it’s easier than ever to see what works and what doesn’t. Near instant feedback from your ads are clues to how your advertising audiences are reacting. The sooner you can identify the success or failure rates of your various digital ads, the faster you can deploy targeted enhancements to your ad campaign. Factors such as ad location, age group, audience target interest, ad frequency and more contribute to how your ads perform. A digital marketing expert can identify them for you based on your business objective and get you to the right audience.


To cut through the marketing noise takes research, time, lots of trial and error. With a good digital marketing team, your ads will perform better. When you become a GoFit licensed partner, you’ll have access to our experienced digital marketing team to help cut through the clutter.

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