Leading a fitness business in times of crisis

11 Mar 2021

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Leading a business in times of crisis takes a lot of perseverance and a sharp focus. There are always more ways than one to keep your business going strong and to navigate these difficult times. Here are a few ways that can help: 


Build positive sentiment and confidence

The more you reassure and communicate about the actions that you are taking, the better. Proactively inform your members that no matter the situation, you are adhering to strict SOPs laid out by the authorities. Want to instill further confidence? Then come up with even tighter SOPs on your own. It’s a great way to send out positive signals to your members.


Always in sight, always in mind

Keep the conversation going strong. Remind your members of what they might be missing about your gym. For members-to-be, put forward some of your gym’s features that are perfect in times of social distancing like GoFit’s women only zone and, MyGoZone™. It is the ideal place to work out once gyms are ready to fully re-open. Another feature is our GoFit SuperCircuit™. It’s perfect for members who are busy and prefer not to stay in the gym for too long.

All in all, ensuring visibility via different communication touch points is a good way to let people know that you’re still going strong despite the times.


Upskill staff. Upkeep spaces and equipment

This may be a downtime for businesses but you can turn it up by upskilling your staff’s expertise. Boost their morale and use this time to your advantage. Upgrading skills will benefit your business in the long run and is key to sustained growth and success. Spend time to upkeep your gym space and equipment, ensuring your members always get the best workout experience. This will never go unnoticed.


Getting good support to keep your fitness business going strong in tough times is crucial. Doing it alone is possible but it’s a tall order. However, when you’re a licensed partner with GoFit, you’ll be able to tap into our unparalleled business support. Want to know more about being our licensed partner? Log on to https://www.gofit-gym.com/en/licensing/