Regular exercise may boost your vaccine response

2 Aug 2021

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Exercising regularly has many health benefits. It is proven to help prevent chronic diseases as well as mood-boosting capabilities. Pandemic or not, getting a good workout remains vital in keeping our body, mind and spirits up.

As the world goes into COVID-19 vaccine rollout phases, a new study1 has shown that exercising regularly makes you 50% more likely to have higher antibodies after a vaccine.1 Good news for avid gym-goers!


Keep moving to keep boosting, even after vaccination

In a randomised control trial, vaccines appear more effective if they are administered after a programme of physical activity.1 Research results have shown that 30 minutes of exercise for 5 days a week actually decreases your risk of falling ill from infectious disease by almost 40%.

A good exercise routine increases your blood flow, strengthens your antibodies to help fight infections and reduces stress hormones. What’s more, it increases the number of a cell responsible for alerting the immune system of an attack and begin regulating a response.1 More exercise means a better immune system.


What do you need to know about exercising after your vaccination?

First things first, always listen to your body. Different people react differently to vaccine side effects. Feeling wiped out after your vaccination? Then give yourself a break. If you’re feeling fine, here are some tips to get you moving post-vaccination.

  1. Plan for easy to moderate workouts during the 48 hours after your vaccination.
  2. Remember to be gentle with your arm movements when it comes to upper-body strength training.
  3. When using machines to work out, find one that suits your post-vaccination workout. Thankfully, GoFit gyms have a wide selection for you to choose from.
  4. Be sure to move enough to get your blood circulating, but not to trigger reactions to muscle soreness.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our teams across different markets have been working closely with various ministries and local authorities in developing sets of Standard Operating Procedure for the fitness industry. With public health and safety levels rising, you can be sure that our gyms are constantly adhering to strict SOPs stipulated by authorities.


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