Winning back lost gym members

9 Jun 2021

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There will always be times when members will decide to leave your gym. The reasons for leaving may vary but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them back. Here are several ways that can help you stay connected with them and motivate them to come back.


Have Regular Updates

The good news is you already have their contact information in your database. So start with what you have and build from there. Keep your members informed even though they may have left. Chances are they are already on your social media platforms, so get them up to speed on what’s happening in your gym.

Try updating them on equipment upgrades or maintenance, safety practices, new classes, promotions (if any), and more. Do it on your social media pages or through an EDM every fortnight. Pandemic or not, your updates are vital steps to keep your gym top-of-mind.


Show That You Care

Time spent caring for your ex-member is not time wasted. Always keep the care and awareness level up. Show them that one of your main concerns, when they return, is their health and safety, especially in these challenging times. Also, remind them that you have the fitness solutions to help keep their fitness goals in check. At GoFit, we have FitQuest. It’s a state-of-the-art machine that’s designed to measure health and fitness levels. It lets you track your workout performance so you can achieve your fitness goals.

Adding value to members who have left makes them feel good. Next time, when they decide to go back into their gym routines, chances are that they’ll come back to you first instead of looking around for another gym.


Find out why your members left and plan a win-back campaign

It’s always a good practice to find out why your members left. Formulate an exit survey. Their answers are valuable data for improving your future marketing campaigns or further improving your gym experience. This is great for creating more engaging and relevant win-back campaigns.

Be sure to always give your ex-members some space. This shows that you respect their decision and it makes them feel safe. This allows you some time to plan your win-back campaign effectively. After 2-3 months, implement your campaign with new ways-in to gain back their interest.


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